Asbestos Abatement Westchester NY and Home Air Quality

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Asbestos Abatement Westchester NY and Home Air Quality

The question often asked these days is whether asbestos is still a risk to people. As many ads as we see on TV talking about Mesothelioma, you might think that asbestos is still a genuine threat to the home air quality. Research seems to indicate it is not.

Asbestos was used in many building materials within the 19th century because it was discovered to possess some good properties. Asbestos Abatement Westchester NY sourced silicate mineral. It’s long fibrous crystals and may withstand high heat. It is the long fibrous crystals that create the issues within our lungs. Asbestos was used in buildings in the US through the 1970s. It had been used to fireproof roofing and flooring, for warmth insulation, as well as for a number of other purposes.

Asbestos Abatement Westchester NY actually turns into a health concern when high concentrations from the fibers are inhaled on a long time.

This will happen once the fibers are broken loose because they are very light and turn into airborne easily. It’s difficult to imagine, but there are lots of particles of dust along with other matter floating in mid-air you’re breathing right now. When he inhales Asbestos Abatement Westchester NY they can get trapped in our lungs and eventually cause very small irritation sites that lead to difficulty in breathing along with other health issues. It’s believed that short high exposures to asbestos aren’t harmful as well as long-term, very low-level exposures aren’t that harmful. It is the long-term, high exposures that cause the problems.

So what can be done? Because most reparable asbestos fibers are totally invisible to the human eye as their size, the only thing you can do is make sure there’s none in your house or you can filter these particles with a decent air cleaner. It is usually better to remove the supply of any contaminate rather than filtering it, but home air filters, this type of Blue air filter system can remove these particles when they exist. You must make sure you get a HEPA filter system as the size these particles is about 3.0-20.0 microns long and could be as thin as 0.01 micron. Real hair ranges in dimensions from 17 to 181 microns wide, so that you can understand how really small the asbestos fiber is.

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